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Pangeanic leads a consortium with leading machine translation and NLP companies KantanMT and Tilde to create the largest-ever neural machine translation engine farm translating between all European languages.

The 3 technical partners and the State Secretariat for Digital Advancement (SEAD) met in Valencia 27th28th August to define the strategies for a successful delivery of the NTEU objectives, namely

  • Parallel data mining into 503 language combinations
  • Build direct combinations for all language pairs in the EU except English.
  •  Collect training data:
    – 15M segments 1-1 resourced languages
    – 10-12M segments under-resourced languages
    – 10M ultra-under-resources
  • Engage PAs: deployment and awareness campaigns (together with ELRC action).
  • Deposit engines and deliverables for use by PA’s under ELRC-Share lock.

You can download the agenda here

Picture of some members that participated in NTEU’s kickoff meeting in Valencia
Partners of the NTEU Project